Why You Should Deal With Bodywork Problems – Even For Small Cars

If you drive a prestige vehicle it can be a bit of a no-brainer to have scratches and other bodywork problems dealt with immediately. However, owners of small cars sometimes put off simple repair work because they don’t want the hassle of making an insurance claim or because they think that the car is simply not worth the effort. However, there are plenty of small cars on British roads, like Honda’s compact Jazz for example, which retain plenty of resale value and should have their bodywork maintained in tip-top condition. Honda, and other compact car manufacturers, work hard to treat their bodywork with the latest paint technologies. Untreated, a simple scratch into the paintwork can cause problems down the line. On the other hand, even when you are talking about relatively less expensive smaller cars, treated bodywork problems mean that the car owner’s asset is protected. After all, even minor dents and blemishes are enough to put off potential second hand buyers.

Paintless Dent Removal

This is a cost effective method of dealing with dents that have been caused by a myriad of driving problems. You might even find that since the cost is so low, that it is worth doing and not making an insurance claim for. This convenient repair work does not take long to complete by a trained technician and can leave your car’s bodywork looking as good as new.

Dents to small cars tend to happen on the school run, when other motorists are distracted, or perhaps when manoeuvring into a tiny car parking space. Small cars, which are generally speaking the work horses in the family, often also get bumped into by shopping trolleys at the supermarket. Have you ever noticed how minor blemishes seem to appear whilst you have been in the store and just at the precise height of a trolley?

Remember that paintless dent removal needs specialist tooling and a skilled operative to carry out. It really is not advisable for amateurs to try knocking out dents themselves as this tends to end in more damage rather than less. Even removing the interior trim so that you can reach the dent is an art itself. And, of course, when you are dealing with small cars, accessing the reverse side of a dent in the bodywork’s panel becomes more of a challenge compared with larger cars which have more expansive coachwork.

Scratch Removal

You see so many smaller cars on the road with unsightly scratches on them that it can seem that dealing with yours is not worth it. This is a mistake. However, it is always a good idea to have all of your car’s blemishes dealt with in one go, rather than taking a piecemeal approach. If you are thinking about trading your car in for a new model or simply selling it privately, the cost of scratch removal can often be made back in the asking price you are able to demand, particularly if you drive a make of car with a reputation for reliability.

Scratch removal is not necessarily something that you need to take your car to a garage for. The majority of car bodywork blemishes can be dealt with at the driver’s convenience. If you are parked up for the day at the office there’s no reason your car couldn’t be rendered as good as new whilst you are at your desk. Equally, repair work can be undertaken on your driveway. All you need to do is ensure that the technician can access all of the sides of the vehicle that need to be worked on.

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Andy and his team at Bodyguard pulled out all stops to repair the car in time for our holiday. The work carried out was of a very high standard and we would not hesitate to recommend this firm to any friends or colleagues.

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