Preventing Scratches on Your Car

By taking a few simple steps you can prevent damage on your paintwork during daily use.

By regularly washing your car you will remove the abrasive dirt that will be lurking on your car body. Starting always on the roof then moving down the car using plenty of water. Be careful when washing as being careless may cause fine dirt to erode the paint surface, which will cause scratches and swirl-marks.

Make sure you do not get tempted to wipe dirt or grime from your car with your bare hands or a dry cloth, as this could cause the dirt to abrade the paint surface.

Try to park your car in more quiet areas where it is unlikely to be brushed past by people, examples such as; consider parking in the more empty part of a supermarket car park, further away from the entrance with all the trollies and people rushing around. Avoid parking next to vehicles that are parked carelessly, the owners will probably show your car the same consideration as they show their parking.

When driving on narrow lanes or country roads, be careful and try to avoid overgrown bushes and plants scratching against your bodywork.

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Andy and his team at Bodyguard pulled out all stops to repair the car in time for our holiday. The work carried out was of a very high standard and we would not hesitate to recommend this firm to any friends or colleagues.

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