Preparing for Driving in Windy Weather

Meteorologists have warned that Britain is set for high winds over the next few weeks which will no doubt cause travel chaos as motorists struggle through the windy conditions.

You can take a few simple steps to get yourself prepared for the conditions and reduce the effects the wind will have on your vehicle and more importantly, you’re driving.

The first step is planning; take time before you leave to plan your journey. If you know a route with less exposure to the wind and with less risk of falling or fallen trees or power lines then its definitely worth taking, even if it adds time to your journey.

Another important and simple step you can take is to check the latest weather updates and conditions before you set off on any journey top ensure you know what you may have to deal with.

Many drivers find themselves caught out by gusting winds, so it’s important to make sure you keep a tight grip on your steering wheel at all times to avoid a surprise gust blowing you off course.

In the windy conditions that have been predicted, high-sided vehicles are usually the hardest hit so it’s very important that you remember you will be subjected to stronger gusts when you have emerged after overtaking them, so make sure you are prepared for it.

If you are confronted by buses or lorries but you don’t feel entirely confident overtaking them in these conditions then its important you give them plenty of room to ensure you can react quickly should the worst happen.

Reducing your speed is an important part of driving safely in strong winds. You may think that because cars are heavy they are not easily affected by the wind, but they are subject to laws of physics just like everything else. It’s important to reduce your speed especially when you’re travelling on raised motorways with strong side winds, as these conditions can cause your car to be pushed across the road. The quicker you travel, the quicker you can be thrown off course.

It can also help to focus on fixed points in the distance as it is sometimes difficult to detect when your car is drifting across the road surface, so focus on fixed points ahead such as trees or buildings to determine if you are holding your course. Trees are also a good way of telling how strong the winds are outside.

Look out and be aware of potential low hanging trees as the winds may cause branches to break and fall onto the road. Look out also for other debris, and try to keep your distance from vehicles with objects tethered to them such as cars with roof racks or flat back trucks with goods loaded on them.

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