Driving in Different Weather Conditions


When your visibility is seriously impaired whilst driving, you must always use your headlights, this usually means when you cant see further than 100 meters (328 feet). You can also use front or rear fog lights but remember to switch them off when visibility improves!

Driving with Low Sun or Hot Weather

During summer months and certain times of day the sun will be low in the sky which can be a big distraction as it gets in your eye line. In this situation the sun may be too low for your visor to be of any use, in this situation you may consider wearing sunglasses. Dark tinted glasses should always be removed in duller weather and at night time as they will compromise your ability to see.

To avoid drowsiness whilst driving in hot weather it is important to keep your vehicle well ventilated. Your steering and braking may be compromised if you are not aware that the road surface may become soft in the heat, or slippery if it rains after a dry spell.

Driving in Wintery Conditions

Driving in snow or on icy roads requires you to adjust your driving. If you must take a journey in the snow then make sure you know what to do before leaving and during the journey.

Before you leave

1. Check your local weather forecast and listen to local radio to find out the condition of the roads.
2. Remember to take your mobile phone in case of an emergency.
3. It is a good idea to take some warm clothes, some food, water, a torch and a spade, just in case you get stranded.
4. Make sure you remember to take your de-icer/scraper.
5. Let someone know where you’re going, what time you expect to arrive and what route you are taking.

During Your Journey

1. Drive slowly! It can take up to ten times loner to fully stop on ice or in snowy conditions.
2. Keep your windows, windscreen and mirrors clear from ice and snow. Also make sure your lights are not covered by snow.
3. Be careful when around gritters, don’t be tempted to overtake them!
4. Pedestrians and cyclists may not be as visible as normal so be aware!
5. Be gentle when manoeuvring, use a high gear and avoid accelerating or sharp braking.
6. If you do get stuck in snow, be sure to stay with your vehicle. If you choose to leave your vehicle take extra care when walking on compacted snow as it may have turned to ice.
7. If you start to skid, avoid braking and gently ease off the accelerator. When you do brake, be as gentle as possible, do not slam them down.
8. Treat bends with extreme caution, slowly brake then gradually increase the pressure when approaching the bend. Take the same precautions with roundabouts.

Rain and Wet Weather

When driving in wet weather, stopping distances will be at least double those required when stopping on a dry road, as your tyres have less grip on wet surfaces. Make sure you keep well back from the vehicle in front.
The rain on the road surface can become combined with fuel, dust, debris and soot from the tyres of other vehicles which can result in a much more slippery surface, so make sure you keep your speed down to keep yourself in control of your vehicle. Driving too fast on wet roads can result in aquaplaning, caused by a layer of water between your tyres and the road in this situation you loose all control over your braking and steering.

Driving in Fog

Driving in fog can be unpredictable but is pretty safe as long as you use your common sense.
When approaching a foggy area, start to slow down and look in your mirrors. Use your fog lights but remember to switch them off when the fog has passed.
If you can only see 40 feet or less in front of your car then you will need to reduce your speed to 20mph.

Driving is so different depending on weather conditions. Just remember to be safe and not to take any unnecessary risks whilst driving to avoid any accidents or scrapes. If you do damage your vehicle Bodyguard in Havant are here to help and our staff are highly trained in panel beating, re-spraying, car body repair and crash/accident repair of vehicles.

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Andy and his team at Bodyguard pulled out all stops to repair the car in time for our holiday. The work carried out was of a very high standard and we would not hesitate to recommend this firm to any friends or colleagues.

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