Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment

When you are carefully trying to squeeze into that last parking space and…CRUNCH! Bodyguard are experts in dealing with Alloy Wheel Repairs, so come to us, we can help!

Scrapes and grazes on your alloy wheels can ruin the whole appearance of your vehicle. The complete replacement of alloy wheels can be extremely costly. Restoring the finish of the wheels will not only greatly improve the appearance of your whole car but will keep up the market value of your vehicle.

Types of Alloy Wheel Damage

Polished Alloy – We can completely restore your polished alloys to their original condition, although, to maintain the finish regular polishing and cleaning is needed. To prevent future oxidation you might consider also applying a dedicated alloy sealer wax to your alloys.

Discolouration – Discolouration is usually caused by incorrect use of cleaning chemicals or break dust contamination.

Kerb Damage – The most common form of wheel damage is kerb damage.

Corrosion – Due to the direct contact with the road and kerb height objects, surface damage readily occurs. The damage may be as slight as a brush from a chip of gravel but even that can cause sufficient enough to breach the protective layer of either paint, lacquer or an anodised finish. The slightest pin hole in the protective layer can provide a direct path for corrosion to occur. During cold and frosty weather, the salt spread across roads is another culprit of corrosion. Surface corrosion, although a cosmetic issue, it can, if allowed to go unchecked for a long enough period, eventually cause the wheel to fail.

Diamond Cut Alloys – If your wheels compare to the shiny surface back of a CD, then they have been diamond cut. A pattern is etched into the surface on the alloy. When your alloy suffers a stone chip or kerb scratch the corrosion will work it’s way round the entire wheel, following the pattern until the whole alloy is corroded which causes the lacquer to flake off.

Remember after the first stone chip or scratch on your alloy, the damage is there! So come to Bodyguard, where we can completely refurbish or repair your alloys and make those unsightly marks disappear. We can also repair paintwork damage and remove dents from your bodywork.

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Andy and his team at Bodyguard pulled out all stops to repair the car in time for our holiday. The work carried out was of a very high standard and we would not hesitate to recommend this firm to any friends or colleagues.

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